Commons Myths About Real Estate Appraisal

A pair of dice are held up by a hand, revealing that they say "fact" on one side and "myth" on the other

Real estate appraisal is not something that every person has an intimate knowledge and understanding; yet many people will have to deal with an appraiser or appraisal at some point in their lives, especially if they want to buy a home, lease or purchase a commercial property, or buying a business. Like any professional field,… Read more »

Reasons to Have Your Property Appraised

A small wooden model of a home and three small blocks spelling out the words Real Estate Appraisal

If you own a home, business, piece of land, or any other form of real estate, chances are you have heard of an appraisal before. If you’re not familiar, it’s an impartial and independent measure of a property’s current value. These appraisals are completed by a third party that possesses an expertise in either commercial… Read more »

How Interest Rates are Affecting Real Estate Value

Scrabble pieces spell out the word "price" in front of an arrow trending down

For the first time in years, home prices in the United States fell from June to July of this year. Some experts believe this could be a trend and not just a one-off, partially fueled by higher interest rates. This news will mean different things to different people, depending on what your stake in the… Read more »

Why Drones Have Become So Popular in The World of Real Estate

A drone hovers above a residential neighborhood

Drone technology has changed so much about how we engage with the world. It’s helped a wide array of business fields evolve the services they provide. This is especially true in the world of residential and commercial real estate. As drones have become more widely available and more useful in recent years, their use in… Read more »

Benefits of Using a Drone for Real Estate Inspections

A drone shot of a wedding venue

Technology rapidly changes how jobs in nearly every field are done and the world of real estate appraisals and inspections is no different. While aerial shots would’ve always been a welcome addition to the process, there was not always an affordable mechanism to make that happen. In recent years, companies have begun using drones to… Read more »

How Has Commercial Real Estate Recovered from COVID in 2022?

A three-story apartment building

It’s been more than two years since COVID-19 hit the shores of the United States. Among many other issues, the pandemic threw the commercial real estate industry into a state of uncertainty. Offices emptied out indefinitely, restaurants closed, retail stores had to shift to an online model and people fled apartment buildings in big cities… Read more »

How Interest Rates Can Affect Real Estate Value

Consecutive piles of pennies, increasing in size, represent interest rates increasing

Two of the biggest business news stories in recent months have involved increasing inflation and the rising cost of real estate. What hasn’t been made as clear in this reporting is that a potential solution to the first issue could actually affect the second. This is to say, a change in interest rates could influence… Read more »