Auburn, AL Real Estate Appraiser

Are you looking for a reliable real estate appraiser in the Auburn, Alabama area? If so, Atlas Valuation LLC is here to help. We offer a wide range of services and have years of real estate appraising experience. Check out some of the services we provide for our clients.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new commercial property, we can provide you with the objective evaluation you need to decide whether to move forward or not. We provide appraisals for commercial properties in a wide array of industries, including but not limited to office buildings, hotel properties, student housing areas, apartment complexes, industrial warehouses, and strip malls. What’s more, we provide analysis on agriculture land, as well timberland, and subdivision properties, among others. Regardless of your industry, our appraisers will provide you with all sorts of important data, including an appraisal of the current and future state of the property and a replacement cost analysis.

What’s more, we also routinely provide feasibility studies, lease rate studies and other pertinent data to help our clients make the most informed decisions possible regarding commercial properties.

Residential Real Estate Appraisals

Whether you’re unsure of where to price your home before putting it on the market or you want to make sure you’re not overpaying for on a new property for your home, a real estate appraisal will be right for you. Moreover, an accurate appraisal can help you with property taxes, in divorce settlements, in estate processes and when you’re refinancing your mortgage. Regardless of your needs, we’ll provide an expert and unbiased evaluation of the current state and value of your property.

 Those are just some of the many real estate appraisal services we offer in the Auburn area. To learn more about how we can help you with your needs, contact us today.