Stagflation Time!

Last week was the monthly Federal Open Market Committee meeting, where the heads of the Federal Reserve make decisions regarding monetary policy for the United States. To nobodys surprise, the Fed decided to keep the Federal Funds Rate level with no increase or decrease in interest rates. Inflation has still been coming in over 3%… Read more »

Happy Tax Day!

Happy Tax Day fellow Tax Payers. As you file and pay your taxes, or if you are one of the lucky few that receive a refund, do not forget about inflation. The recent “fake” CPI numbers came in very hot last week at over 3%, which is well above the target inflation rate of 2%…. Read more »

How Affordable is Housing Today?

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Today, its important to show some trends in home pricing that should demonstrate some causes for concern. According to the Federal Reserve, the median home sales price in 2022 was $457,475 with a REAL (aka adjusted for inflation) median income of $74,580 per household. This equates to an income to sales price ratio of 16%… Read more »

Does the Time of Year You Sell Your Home Make a Difference?

A for sale sign, covered in snow, in front of a house

There are so many decisions to make when it comes to selling a house, not the least of which is when exactly to sell. You may be wondering if the timing of your sale can impact the price you can fetch for your property. Let’s look further into this interesting topic and explore whether the… Read more »

The Long-Term Impact of COVID on Different Segments of Commercial Real Estate

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It’s no secret that COVID-19 had a major impact on just about every segment of the economy. The world of commercial real estate was certainly no exception. In fact, the ramifications are still being felt today, especially when it comes to valuation. But the impact was not equal and was not the same across the… Read more »

What Do Experts Think is Going to Happen to Interest Rates in 2024?

A person holds up a piece of paper that shows interest rates going down on a graph

Interest rates are on the minds of many Americans as we enter a new year. Anyone who owns property, has a mortgage, or has taken out a loan of any kind in the past few years has heard all about increased interest rates. The question on the minds of many Americans is “when will we… Read more »

Why Drones Represent a Step Forward for Real Estate Inspections

A man flies a drone in a backyard

The improvements in drone technology in the past few years have changed the way business is done in countless fields across the global. The world of real estate is no exception here. Drones have completely changed real estate inspections, representing a major step forward. Here’s why: Enhanced Efficiency and Speed Traditional property inspections often involve… Read more »

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year from Atlas Valuation! 2024 is forecasted to be a “shaky” year for Real Estate and probably most asset sectors. Atlas Valuation will continue to watch the Chinese real estate market, which is forecasted to accumulate $4 trillion in banking/loan losses. If this number doesn’t mean anything to you, the 2008 Financial Crisis… Read more »

What Could Cause Home Price Growth to Slow in the Future?

Scrabble pieces spell out the word "price" in front of an arrow trending down

If you’re looking to buy a house basically anywhere in the United States, you’re probably well aware of the consistent rise in home prices over the past few years. They’ve been increasing for more than a decade now, but really started to skyrocket around 2020. Despite a brief slowdown in 2022, they are on the… Read more »

Has Commercial Real Estate Valuation Recovered from the COVID Era?

The COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on nearly every aspect of American life. Even now, more than three and a half years removed from the initial lockdowns, those effects are still being felt. This is certainly true in the world of commercial real estate. Many who are invested in a commercial structure in one… Read more »