How Home Value Trends Have Affected Auburn & Opelika

A for sale sign sits in front of a house

The price of housing has been a major news story for years now. It makes sense, considering how important the issue is to so many. For most homeowners, their house is their greatest investment and most important asset. Meanwhile, those who don’t own a house yet would like to get one at a reasonable cost…. Read more »

What Factors Affect Commercial Real Estate Appraisal?

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If you’re involved in the sale or purchase of a commercial property, the amount of money you stand to spend or make will be at least partially determined by an appraisal. This appraisal involves a third-party professional inspecting the property and considering a number of factors to determine a fair value. This number will not… Read more »

Factors That Affect Your Home’s Appraisal

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An appraisal is something that every homeowner will have to deal with at some point or another. Unlike the appraisal number you got when you purchased the home, you do have some modicum of control over it as the owner. Still, a home appraisal is the unbiased opinion of an expert so there will be… Read more »

How Interest Rates Have Led to a Decline in Home Sales

A for sale sign sits in front of a home

Even if you’ve only occasionally paid attention to the news in recent years, you’ve likely heard a lot about both interest rate hikes and the cost of real estate. These two stories are actually quite intertwined. Interest rates have had a major impact on the cost of housing, which obviously affects home sales. Here’s how… Read more »

What To Know About Real Estate Appraisal as a First-Time Seller

A clipboard that says "real estate appraisal" is held in front of a home

If you’re selling a home, there’s a good chance you’ve bought at least one home in the past. This means that you’re familiar with real estate appraisals. Often, appraisers are asked, what should I do to prepare for my inspection? The answer traditionally is – Nothing. But, the correct answer is – It Depends! But… Read more »

Commons Myths About Real Estate Appraisal

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Real estate appraisal is not something that every person has an intimate knowledge and understanding; yet many people will have to deal with an appraiser or appraisal at some point in their lives, especially if they want to buy a home, lease or purchase a commercial property, or buying a business. Like any professional field,… Read more »

Reasons to Have Your Property Appraised

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If you own a home, business, piece of land, or any other form of real estate, chances are you have heard of an appraisal before. If you’re not familiar, it’s an impartial and independent measure of a property’s current value. These appraisals are completed by a third party that possesses an expertise in either commercial… Read more »

How Interest Rates are Affecting Real Estate Value

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For the first time in years, home prices in the United States fell from June to July of this year. Some experts believe this could be a trend and not just a one-off, partially fueled by higher interest rates. This news will mean different things to different people, depending on what your stake in the… Read more »

Why Drones Have Become So Popular in The World of Real Estate

A drone hovers above a residential neighborhood

Drone technology has changed so much about how we engage with the world. It’s helped a wide array of business fields evolve the services they provide. This is especially true in the world of residential and commercial real estate. As drones have become more widely available and more useful in recent years, their use in… Read more »