Company Info


The goal of Atlas Valuation, LLC is to perform valuation services competently and concisely, at a competitive price, and with consistent on-time delivery, which our clients can rely upon and trust every single day.

The Atlas Valuation, LLC Team

Our entire team of licensed professionals is comprised of well-trained specialists, experienced in the fields of residential property appraisal, commercial real estate appraisal, including, retail, industrial, hotels, motels, office and development lands. Atlas Valuation, LLC also offers expert witnesses authorized to provide testimony in a court of law, in addition to offering consultation in all areas of real estate advisory activities, including market feasibility studies, assessment appeals, and lease disputes, among others.

When to Hire Us

We are experts at what we do. This means that we will streamline your legal experience and help you to overcome any challenges. Our team specializes in each of the services listed below, and we are committed to ensuring your success in any situation.

  • Legal Dispute
  • Estate Closure/Accounting
  • Purchase Negotiations
  • Condemnation/Right-Of-Way
  • Feasibility/Cost Analysis