Drone Estate Inspection Photography

Technology can be a beautiful thing, can’t it? New technological advances that 20 years ago seemed like something from a sci-fi movie is now ubiquitous and helping us daily in our personal and professional lives.

One such example that has helped myriad homeowners and prospective homebuyers is drone technology. Drones are now often used for real estate appraisal purposes. Here’s why.

The Benefits of Using Drone Technology for Real Estate Inspections

Drone technology offers many advantages, including:

  • It provides the most accurate and up-to-date look at a property
  • It provides clients with visual evidence as to why a property is being evaluated the way it is
  • Drones are safer than sending someone in hard to access areas, providing an accurate snapshot of things without putting anyone in harm’s way

Reasons and Uses for Aerial Inspections

  • Construction progress reports
  • Marketing flyers and materials
  • Competitive Analysis

Those are just some of the many benefits of utilizing drone technology in real estate inspections. There’s an old saying regarding watching film in football that says “the eye in the sky never lies” and that is true for drones too. A picture says a thousand words and provides concrete evidence of what a current property’s flaws and features are to all pertinent parties.

Atlas Valuation LLC provides drone estate inspection services and drone estate photography services in Auburn, AL. We have years of experience and utilize all of the latest tools and devices at our disposal (including drones) to provide accurate objective appraisals for all sorts of properties, including residential and commercial ones. Notably, we appraise all sorts of business properties, including hotels, apartment complexes, student housing buildings, shopping centers, strip malls and countless others.

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