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The Yield Curve is Inverted – What Does That Mean?

A graph that is trending down in the long term

You may have seen a news report or two in the past month or so about the “yield curve” being inverted. If you’re like most Americans, this report may as well have been in another language. But even if you’re initially confused by the wording, this is not something you should ignore. In fact, this… Read more »

How Interest Rates are Affecting Real Estate Value

Scrabble pieces spell out the word "price" in front of an arrow trending down

For the first time in years, home prices in the United States fell from June to July of this year. Some experts believe this could be a trend and not just a one-off, partially fueled by higher interest rates. This news will mean different things to different people, depending on what your stake in the… Read more »

How Interest Rates Can Affect Real Estate Value

Consecutive piles of pennies, increasing in size, represent interest rates increasing

Two of the biggest business news stories in recent months have involved increasing inflation and the rising cost of real estate. What hasn’t been made as clear in this reporting is that a potential solution to the first issue could actually affect the second. This is to say, a change in interest rates could influence… Read more »