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The Long-Term Impact of COVID on Different Segments of Commercial Real Estate

A warehouse with boxes on shelves

It’s no secret that COVID-19 had a major impact on just about every segment of the economy. The world of commercial real estate was certainly no exception. In fact, the ramifications are still being felt today, especially when it comes to valuation. But the impact was not equal and was not the same across the… Read more »

What Factors Affect Commercial Real Estate Appraisal?

The interior of an office building with a "for sale" sign

If you’re involved in the sale or purchase of a commercial property, the amount of money you stand to spend or make will be at least partially determined by an appraisal. This appraisal involves a third-party professional inspecting the property and considering a number of factors to determine a fair value. This number will not… Read more »

How Has Commercial Real Estate Recovered from COVID in 2022?

A three-story apartment building

It’s been more than two years since COVID-19 hit the shores of the United States. Among many other issues, the pandemic threw the commercial real estate industry into a state of uncertainty. Offices emptied out indefinitely, restaurants closed, retail stores had to shift to an online model and people fled apartment buildings in big cities… Read more »