Why Drones Have Become So Popular in The World of Real Estate

A drone hovers above a residential neighborhood

Drone technology has changed so much about how we engage with the world. It’s helped a wide array of business fields evolve the services they provide. This is especially true in the world of residential and commercial real estate.

As drones have become more widely available and more useful in recent years, their use in the world of real estate has increased dramatically. They’re quickly becoming a must-have service for good reason: they’ve revolutionized the way those in the real estate field operate. Here’s how:

Improved Inspections

Inspections are an important part of the real estate process, especially when it comes to determining the value of a property. But there have always been areas that have been difficult to get to in homes and commercial buildings. There’s no need to hire a roofer for steep, high or unsafe roofs when a drone can give you a better and cheaper look anyway. Drones are also useful when assessing large parcels of land that are not easily accessible by vehicle or even by foot as well.

Construction Site Efficiency

Drones have also been useful when it comes to large construction projects. They’ve been used to collect the most accurate data on the site work, helping management better understand what needs to be done to improve efficiency, which eventually saves everyone money. This is especially important on large commercial projects where the difference between having this data or not can be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. The drone’s photographs are also used to give detailed updates on the construction progress to interested parties.

Widely Sharing More Information

Even with all the technological innovations that happened before drones, it was still difficult to sell someone on a home in an area they’d never visited before. A potential buyer may like the photos of the home they’ve seen online, but they may also be unsure of the neighborhood, even if they’ve done a little research. After all, a community is more than its school rankings and crime rate. Drone technology allows the potential buyer to get a better view of the home, backyard and the surrounding area, giving them a better feel for their prospective new home.

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