Benefits of Using a Drone for Real Estate Inspections

A drone shot of a wedding venue

Technology rapidly changes how jobs in nearly every field are done and the world of real estate appraisals and inspections is no different. While aerial shots would’ve always been a welcome addition to the process, there was not always an affordable mechanism to make that happen.

In recent years, companies have begun using drones to get a better look at the area that is being appraised or inspected. Bringing this technology into the world of real estate inspections has come with some definite benefits. Here are a few of them:

Access to Non-Accessible Tracts

Acreage is commonly appraised in this region, whether it be agricultural, timber, or even recreation tracts of land. Regardless, inspection of a large tract of land can be daunting to navigate and often a lot of portions are not accessible by vehicle and sometimes not accessible by foot. However, these challenges are mitigated by a drone inspection, which is not limited in access.

Easier Access to Roofs

Often, the hardest part of a home or commercial building to inspect is the roof. Many times, roofs are too high to be photographed from the ground, but also too steep to safely traverse them. In some cases, they may be too wet or icy as well, creating similarly unsafe conditions.

In the past, this would have necessitated hiring a roofer, which adds to the cost of the project. But drones have made it easy to see any roof in great detail, no matter how high or steep. This, of course, holds true for any dangerous area on a piece of property that may need to be inspected. It’s safer to send a drone.

A Better Look

No matter what manner of real estate is being appraised or inspected, you’re going to want the most recent view of the land or structure. Using a drone allows the person doing the inspecting to see exactly how an entire piece of property, land, building or home looks at that very moment. There is not another tool available that allows you to be more up to date.

Visual Proof

In this business, there’s always the possibility that the client does not agree with how the property is evaluated or, at least, has questions about how an inspector or appraiser came to the conclusion that they did. Drone technology has made this issue far easier to handle. You can show the client visual proof of any areas that pose issues or concerns and explain everything to them using a visual aid.

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